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Sunset time

Bee-Eater (Merops apiaster)

Every spring the common Bee Eaters arrive and settle in deserted quarry, not far from my place, in order to raise the next generation. For long time I wished to photograph these beautiful birds as a silhouette on sun background. In order to do so I started to watch the bee eaters behavior and their preferable perching places. In one such place there birds density was high and they were desperate for good branch to sit on, I adjusted a small branch. I have spent many sunsets photographing them on that perch, feeding, fighting, resting and more. Using huge focal length of 1400mm (500mm + x2TC + x1.4TC), allowed me to emphasize the sun in the image. Actually every sunset I had no more than 2, 3 minutes to photograph them on sun background. The sun was going down fast, running out of frame, on 1400mm I had tiny angle of view less than 2 degrees! Another difficulty was to compose the image looking through the lense directly on the burning the eye sun. The Bee-Eater on the perch just caused his rival to flee and his spread wings in flight on the sun background was just in time!
Needless to say that it one shot photograph and not a digital manipulation.
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