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Landscape & Birds photography workshops

Private Workshops and Photo tours

As one who very well familiar and passionate with Israel nature and wildlife I offer exclusive, one on one tours and workshops that are fully customizable to the individuals learning and shooting preferences. Learn how to make technically excellent and artistically pleasing photographs of Israel natural environment, birds and other wildlife, catering to photographers from beginner to advanced.

The Workshops I offer:

Price per day: $ 190
$ 90 deposit upon booking
The price does not include accommodation

Seascape Workshop
My Seascape workshop are designed to take you to some of the most beautiful parts of Israel shoreline and to teach you how to take technically excellent seascapes photograps with an artistic touch.
In the field I offer comprehensive discussion that cover fundamentals of photography, photo gear, including cameras, lenses and filters, composition and design, lighting, understanding and mastering exposure, etc.
The best season for seascape photography in Israel begins in the middle of autumn and ends in the middle of spring. This period known for it's dramatic sunsets that maximize the potential for obtaining great images in the most beneficent shooting conditions.
Our schedule is fully customizable and may offer multiple locations including unique Dead Sea area and Judea desert.

Birds Workshop
My Birds photography workshop focus on technic and art aspects of Birds imaging as well as on understanding and using of birds natural behavior. To the participant will be shown several shooting strategies and approaches. Among the skills you will acquire during this workshop are:
  • How, where and when to find species we focus on
  • The best approach to species we cover
  • Build the set up for photography
  • Using of blind, choosing the right perch, attracting the bird, etc.

    After the shooting I offer analysis of the photos the participant took, tips for improvement the shooting and postprocessing, (usually done after the workshop via E.mail).
    I will take you to the species which seem best at the season of the workshop, or, if you wish, you may make special requests and we can target specific species.

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